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What are the benefits of Veterinary Acupuncture for my pet?

Veterinary acupuncture stimulates the release of the body’s own pain relieving and anti-inflammatory substances.

Relaxation of muscles at the site of needle insertion and more distant locations body is achieved with veterinary acupuncture treatment, creating both a local and generalized pain relieving effect.

Veterinary acupuncture improves tissue blood flow, oxygenation, and removal of metabolic wastes and toxins.

Veterinary acupuncture does not have the potential adverse side effects often encountered with prescription and over-the-counter pain medications.

Your pet’s medications or supplements will not adversely interact with veterinary acupuncture treatment; therefore it can safely be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

Meet our Experienced Team

Dr. Kelly Lockerman


Dr. Lockerman became interested in veterinary acupuncture following two life changing events.